Tesla Motors. Photo by: Tesla Motors / YouTube
Tesla Motors. Photo by: Tesla Motors / YouTube

605 Worldwide Charging Stations with 7 Under Construction

On Monday, February 15 the average cost of gasoline is $1.80 per gallon.

The last time gas prices were this amount was 2000-2004. At that time, there was very few, if any, electric car charging stations. Progressive independents may have them going at that time.


Fast Forward to 2016, the gas prices are dropping at record speed, and trending comparatively to the 2009 crash. In the past, where our country has fallen victim before, is by not transitioning away from fossil fuels at a quicker rate. In contrast with the drop in oil price during 2016, the consumers are more empowered to not invest support for foreign oil, fracked oil, or any fossil fuel in the ground. The people have spoken, and they want the fossil fuels left in the ground.

12,276 electric stations – 30,838 charging outlets in the United States. Source link at: afdc.energy.gov

The electric car revolution is shaping the traditional automotive industry. After the Paris Climate Conference in 2015, and an overwhelming amount alarming evidence showing the destructive effects of global warming from CO2 emissions, the people are starting to direct the future of the world by supporting clean energy vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations

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Source link at: http://www.afdc.energy.gov/fuels/electricity_locations.html

In 2015, I wrote an article on the amount of charging station Tesla Motors had in February of last year. After publishing the article, I was able to get feedback on Reddit. After reviewing the feedback from Reddit, the data from Tesla Motors, and additional sources, I find that the correct number of Tesla Motors charging stations in early 2015 was 162 locations.

Presently, Tesla Motors has 255 US locations & 605 worldwide with 3,481 chargers.

Looking back at the Reddit conversation, and the data at that time, I assumed that the 162 locations that Tesla Motors had last year, were their total amount. One of the Reddit users pointed out last year that the charging stations on average have 6.89 superchargers at each station. When I reviewed the Tesla Motors website, the company notes that ‘the number of Superchargers varies by location, ranging between 4 and 12.’ If one added 4+12 and divided it by 2, one would get an average of 8 superchargers per station.

The company has on record 375 superchargers worldwide in February of 2015 .

When I reviewed the numbers from 2015 with supercharge.info, Tesla Motors notes having 375 superchargers worldwide. Currently we have 605 superchargers. That is almost a doubling in charging stations. When Tesla Motors almost doubles the amount of options for consumers to charge they vehicle at; it elevates the pressure and stress of running out of a charged battery.

It is an honor to report the current amount of electric charging station in the United States and worldwide. As we all move forward with renewable energy, the world can start to heal.

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