TAUKing McGee Debut in the Red Barn

The Summer Camp Music Festival 2016 late night concerts in the Red Barn will feature: TAUKing McGee, and EOTO with Keller Williams on Friday, Cherub and Lotus on Saturday, and Yonder Mountain String Band on Sunday, with an additional Sunday set to still be announced.

Friday will feature a special combination of musicians from the band’s TAUK and Umphrey’s McGee. The collaborations will continue with an EOTO set featuring Keller Williams.

Guests can obtains a late night ticket with a VIP upgrade

The festival normally sells a small percentage of the available tickets online before the event. In the past years, guests will line up to buy tickets for late night shows onsite. If you are eager to see a late night performance, purchasing a VIP upgrade is a smart bet. If you do not have funds to cover that option, I suggest trying to obtain one if the festival sells any online before the festival, and arrive early in the ticket buying line at the festival.

Preview the acts before catching them live in Chillicothe, Illinois May 27-29.