Clouds in Nature. Photo by:
Clouds in Nature. Photo by:

Virtual Reality on Demand

Slithering Screens, a group of virtual reality producers, is showcasing their work at the Museum of Modern Art covering April 25-29.

In addition to the screenings in New York City, online guests can experience the VR projects via a YouTube live stream on MoMa’s channel and the Sundance application.


Slithering Screens Spring Preview

The field of virtual reality is expanding at an exponential rate. Slithering Screens has been building content with interactivity for several years, and hosting it at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. The group is bringing their work to New York to screen at the MoMA.

“A laboratory for independent filmmakers, a cauldron of creative expression, a celebration of artists’ voices; all of these describe the Sundance experience as it has evolved and thrived over the past 35 years. New Frontier at the Sundance Film Festival has become, in the past 10 years, a white-hot center of innovation for global image-makers. We’re thrilled to take on the challenge of bringing these mind- and form-bending experiences to MoMA.” 
— Rajendra Roy, The Celeste Bartos Chief Curator of Film, MoMA

MoMA & Slithering Screens

NIGHT 1 – Monday, April 25
An Evening with Lynette Wallworth
Australian artist Lynette Wallworth discusses her multimedia works, and presents the New York premiere of Collisions, a 15-minute simulcast VR experience.

NIGHT 2 – Tuesday, April 26
CLOUDS: An Interactive Documentary by James George and Jonathan Minard
Explore the future of coding and design with James George and Jonathan Minard’s mold-breaking documentary experience CLOUDS. The New York–based duo guide the audience through selections from their 10-hour project, comprised of interviews with hackers, artists, and technologists.

NIGHT 3 – Wednesday, April 27
Silver & Gold: A Performance by Nao Bustamante
Acclaimed performance artist Nao Bustamante presents the latest iteration of her multimedia performance Silver & Gold, which was presented at the 2010 edition of New Frontier, and channels the Dominican film starlet and Jack Smith muse Maria Montez. Silver & Gold tackles Hollywood orientalism (then and now), sexuality, and eroticism.

NIGHT 4 – Thursday, April 28
Three Performances by Miwa Matreyek
An animator by training, Los Angeles–based artist Miwa Matreyek uses video installation, animation, and the movement of her own body to create dreamlike moving-image panoramas. The three performances, which are being presented as a single program for the first time in New York, include kaleidoscopic journeys through time from the Big Bang to now, and intricate tableaux of sea- and cityscapes.

NIGHT 5 – Friday, April 29
An Evening with Yung Jake
Internet phenomenon/rapper/artist Yung Jake presents a unique theatrical experience, using his viral videos, texts, tweets, memes, and GIFs to create a multimedia performance exploring the way images are produced and consumed online. This performance will be live-streamed on MoMA’s YouTube channel.

PopRally Presents: Yung Jake
Following his Slithering Screens performance, Yung Jake and friends will present a mixture of music, performance, and video in the Museum’s main lobby, as a part of MoMA’s PopRally program.
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Words and compiled by: Sundance Institute


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