Pokémon GO still shot. Photo by: Nintendo / YouTube
Pokémon GO still shot. Photo by: Nintendo / YouTube

Motion Graphics in a Filter Form

Nintendo, Niantic and The Pokémon Company released Pokémon GO, a smartphone app that augments reality, (with a motion picture filter) to display digital creatures in with a live setting.

Recently, smartphone users that have download Snapchat, may have noticed the filters that the app uses. They have a motion graphic for a tongue, and various other filters.

Pokémon GO is utilizing the motion graphic filter method, but they are also taking it a step further with gameplay centered around geography.

The new app has had some technical difficulties, but users have been highly engaged with the current version available for both iOS and Android devices in select countries. The app’s Android Play Store listing is available here, just search Pokémon GO, and the App Store link here.

Users have been so engaged in finding new Pokémon characters, there is clear warning to look away from smartphones to always be safe.

This app does provide health and psychological benefits to users. Instead of playing video games in a bedroom, Pokémon GO encourages users to go out into the real world, and acquire new characters in different locations. I feel that this form of engagement will become more of a trend in the upcoming years.

Watch a demonstration of Pokémon GO from Nintendo E3. Dive deeper into the structure of the game, and locations where digital characters are located.

Pokémon GO – Demonstration – Nintendo E3 2016