Virtual reality being used in a hospital. Photo by: Bloomberg / YouTube
Virtual reality being used in a hospital. Photo by: Bloomberg / YouTube

Taking Patients Out of the Bed, and Letting them Virtually Travel the World

Why Virtual Reality Could Help Treat Alzheimer's and Chronic Pain

Bloomberg recently published coverage on the affects that virtual reality has on alzheimer’s and chronic pain.

They followed doctors and computer scientists to see how patients reacted when treated with virtual reality as a form of medication. It might seem unconventional, but with the cost of VR going down, it gives the option for doctors to test out the new method of interaction.


“It helps me relax. When the muscles relax, the pain goes away.” Ronald Yarbrough

The video below is a smart and forward-thinking view on how digital media, in combination with sound and music can treat different disabilities naturally.

Bloomberg Tech reporter Ian King, provides insight on how virtual reality is being tested out in a pilot program at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

In my own research, I have noticed that the use of beats per minute can affect heart rate and the cardiovascular system. It will be interesting to watch how the medical industry with evolve over the upcoming decade. I find that patients will more often opt for natural treatments with less side effects, in comparison to drugs that could possibly damage their body.

The report by King does an excellent job of showing patients suffering from chronic pain, and how virtual reality helps them cope with their constant pain. My family members have experience chronic pain, and now I will do a better job of sharing VR with them to see if it helps them overall.

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