The Motet with Big Gigantic set to Hulaween 2016. Photo by: Big Gigantic / YouTube
The Motet with Big Gigantic set to Hulaween 2016. Photo by: Big Gigantic / YouTube

Colorado Collaborative Spirit in the Heart of Suwannee Music Park

Big Gigantic is currently selling out Red Rocks Amphitheatre this weekend, and will be taking the Rowdytown energy to Suwannee Hulaween at the end of October.

In 2014, I was able to cover Rowdytown in Morrison, Colorado as The Motet and Big Gigantic shared the stage for the sold out event. The video below shares insight on that performance and the history between the two bands. Dominic Lalli, member of Big Gigantic, shares how he first came across hearing about The Motet.


“I was living in New York, and I was kind of like, well, what am I going to do now with my life. I was playing $50 jazz gigs. And then I got this email one day from my friend, who was like, hey there is this band, they are really cool called The Motet. They are coming through New York, you should check them out. You will love them.” – Dominic Lalli

The Motet and Big Gigantic performing all at once is intense. With an entire set to work with, the two acts will have plenty of time to work with for special arrangements.

Jeremy Salken, drummer for Big Gigantic, also worked with The Motet before the official start to Big G. In 2010, I was able to cover my first Big G show in Illinois, and have been captivated with their energy and attention to detail since their first time on stage. Actually, I have been heavily interested in their music since hearing their remix of Aloe Blacc’s ‘I Need A Dollar’ on MySpace.

An example of the attention to detail that happens in the documentary below is when Lalli asks a stage manager to have his laptop go completely dark during parts of the performance. If you have seen the film Steve Jobs (2015), directed by Danny Boyle and written by Aaron Sorkin; there is a part in the film when Jobs, (a bit more rudely) asks to have all the exit lights turned off during a product launch. Interestingly, Lalli hinted at this attention to detail first in 2014, and did it with more class.

Lalli performed with The Motet in 2013, and it was more of an afrobeat style. It is interesting to see what the musicians line up for their Hulaween 2016 performance.

In 2016, Suwannee Hulaween will be hosting a special collaboration between Big Gigantic and The Motet in Live Oak, Florida.

Dream Big - A Big Gigantic Story

THE MOTET feat. Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic - Expensive Shit - live @ Cervantes

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