Global Citizen Obtained 14 New Commitments & 15 Announcements from World Leaders in 2016

Global Citizen is an advocacy platform and organization that works to end extreme poverty.

The Global Citizen Festival 2016 event was held yesterday, September 24, with major buzz circling the Web. The festival captured it with a live blog feed, a live stream on YouTube, and now we are taking a look back at all of the action that went down in Central Park in downtown Manhattan, New York.


In addition to the live entertainment, the primary focus of the event is to raise awareness for global poverty, and to help connect the public with lawmakers and politicians. The event organizers work on raising resources and attention to topics such as: sanitation, women empowerment, education, health, food aid, poverty and much more.

“When I came to this Festival last year, I asked you to join me in raising awareness about these girls. Well this year, I’m asking you to take the next step, and actually take action to help these girls learn. Go to and you’ll find a list of things you can do to get girls into the classrooms across the globe. You can then tweet what you did, or plan to do, to make a difference for these girls using the hashtag #letgirlslearn. Once you’ve taken action, I hope you’ll join me on international day of the girl, October 11th, for a livestream conversation with girls around the world.”  — First Lady Michelle Obama, USA

Global Citizen Festival brings together the hottest live music, with the communication platforms, to deliver a focused attempt to building awareness to poverty.

Watch the live stream from Global Citizen Festival 2016 on YouTube. We have broken down the entire stream with an easy to browse viewing schedule.

Global Citizen Festival 2016 at Central Park NYC | Presented by Google's Made with Code

Global Citizen Festival Performance Schedule:

Official Kickoff: 1:06:10

Major Lazer: 1:11:20

Demi Lovato: 1:35:20

Usher: 2:03:38

Yusuf/Cat Stevens: 2:30:00

Metallica: 3:19:38

Kendrick Lamar: 4:41:12

Rihanna: 6:32:35

Scroll through the entire live stream to connect with these select performances. Use the minute mark on the timeline to find each set.