Hillary Clinton in November 2014. Photo by: Marc Nozell / Wikimedia Commons
Hillary Clinton in November 2014. Photo by: Marc Nozell / Wikimedia Commons

Global Issues Will Take Centerstage for One of the Most Highly Anticipated Presidential Debates in History

The first 2016 Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be held this evening at Long Island’s Hofstra University starting at 8:00 CST/9:00 p.m. EST.

We have the live stream via PBS Newshour available below. Connect with the stream on YouTube to engage in a live chat.

This debate will be hosted by Lester Holt, NBC News. It will be a 90 minute, commercial-free block of political topics. The candidates will half-hour each (two 15-minute segments) on three broad topics curated by NBC.

The issues that the candidates discuss will be a focal point to the debate this evening. The New York Times will have 18 fact-checkers on hand for this first presidential debate.

As each candidate will have an opportunity to share their stance on the major issues, the media, and public will be looking to review and critique their answers on the Web in realtime.

The Wrap reported that the all time most-viewed presidential debate took place in 1980 between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan with over 80 million viewers. The debate tonight may not capture those numbers, but the attention to detail to the candidates answers will be unprecedented.

The Presidential Debate - LIVE Monday, September 26, 2016 9PM EST

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