Rock the Promo contest hosted by The Rock. Photo by: The Rock / YouTube
Rock the Promo contest hosted by The Rock. Photo by: The Rock / YouTube

"That's the Way the Cookie Rumbles"

Rock the Promo YouTube contest will host the final round in Las Vegas on September 30.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will host a special head-to-head competition between Sweet Revenge and Joseph ‘Bro’ Brody. They have been judged on character, level of comedy and creative.

For someone that hasn’t been following this competition of wits, it has been a way for The Rock to test some of the indie YouTubers mic skills. Recently, The Rock launched a new YouTube channel. In a way to connect with fans, Seven Bucks Studios and Johnson setup a contest to have men and women perform promos against each other.

Professional wrestling fans will have seen promos exchanged between competitors before and after matches. The Rock tapped into that creative vein, and asked fans to showcase their skills with the camera in a YouTube contest.

For someone that may not be into professional wrestling, it still serves as a form of entertainment and comedy. When you go back and watch the competition from the start, it gives a deeper layer of context behind the madness of delivering a promo. In reality, a majority of YouTube videos are promos in different forms such as: songs, games, movies, products, etc… In this situation the competitors are selling themselves.

As a professional wrestling fan, I found several of these promos better than some of the talent on the main roster at WWE.

One person that stands out is ‘Chops’ from Rock the Promo. He did the best job of delivering a promo in my view.

“You cannot stop, the chops.”

Sandra De-Molish was one of the best performers overall. She owned each promo. After watching several of the women deliver promos on the current WWE roster, they all need to take notes from Sandra De-Molish.

In addition to filming the latest  film, The Rock is heading to Las Vegas for this special bout. In reality, it is kind of unprecedented that The Rock, a major film star, would take all of this time and effort out of his schedule to support his fans. I respect that about Johnson’s career.

You can love or hate professional wrestling and promos, but in the end, self-expression is an awesome thing to share. It will be interesting to see what kind of projects The Rock will get into with a more open schedule. Watch Rock the Promo on September 30 to see which performer takes home the win.

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