Downtown San Francisco. Photo by: Josh Felise
Downtown San Francisco. Photo by: Josh Felise

Live Discussion with DraftKings, Mike Judge, Twilio, Slack & More at Disrupt SF

TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 has officially kicked off from San Francisco, California. Disrupt SF is the main event taking place September 12-14, TechCrunch also hosted Disrupt SF Hackaton from September 10-11. Watch an extensive video below on the Hackaton.

TechCrunch is hosting a live stream of select discussions. The event is held at various venues around San Francisco, and provide multiple presentations in multimedia and technology.


One of the main sections of Disrupt SF is the Startup and Hardware Alley. Hundreds of early-stage companies showcase their talent and technology to attendees. It is an interactive way to see the services and new forms of technology coming together in the heart of San Francisco.

Disrupt SF 2016 will start today, and run through the next two days. TechCrunch has a daily schedule of the live streaming event. Connect with them on social media for updates.

Disrupt SF 2016 Day 1 Morning

TechCrunch SF Hackathon

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