Tesla software update to Maps and Autopilot. Photo by: Tesla Motors
Tesla software update to Maps and Autopilot. Photo by: Tesla Motors

Safety at the Frontline of Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is upgrading their Model S and Model X vehicles with 8.0 software.

This latest upgrade focuses on safety and comfort.

The company is working on the battery with upgrades to the Cabin Overheat Protection system. It primarily focuses on child and pet safety.

Cabin Overheat Protection keeps the car at a safe temperature for hours, even when the car is off. Tesla can acclimate the temperature with their uniquely large battery packs.

When I first heard that they were working on an upgrade, I assumed that they would be working on the cooling elements to prevent the batteries for busting into flames as more of a priority. Or at least address the fact that they are working on the battery itself, and the state of the progress.

Another piece to this upgrade is the autopilot features. The latest software can disable Autosteer during moments when safety warnings are ignored. This is a good step in the right direction to sharing the responsibility of the driver between humans and computers.

One of my close friends that owns a Tesla and I both agree that the Autosteer feature is not ready to trust our lives with it. Currently, I advise always taking the wheel, and having full control over your life.

Technology can save lives, as reported by CNBC when a Tesla driver was driven to a hospital when unable to drive the car himself.

This software update also benefits German and French speaking drivers with new voice commend features.

Tesla also added additional ways to connect with media. Watch over the latest coverage from Tesla Motors below.

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