International Networking with Google

The Google for Entrepreneurs Network is comprised of a group of campuses and communities that foster and help startups grow to meet new customers.

Google for Entrepreneurs is a hub for business leaders to connect to share ideas. Major cities around the world have dozens of businesses that are looking to make an impact. With this platform by Google, users can plug into workshops to build new partnerships, as well as learning more about different startups.

A brilliant piece to the campus section of Google for Entrepreneurs is the classes and workshops available to give guidance in the startup community. The London campus features classes and workshops for different levels of growth within the company. It also hosts over 100 startups featuring the top talent in the United Kingdom.

The London campus provides mentorship and support for entrepreneurs. As a small business owner, I find that the psychological support from a community of like-minded entrepreneurs is beneficial to the entire community. It helps flush out ideas. Polish and refine business models, and gives a structure to the complex world of creating a startup.

For those looking to network with like-minded individuals, the communities sections offers group meetings and discussions to meet up around the globe. Google is connecting small businesses with resources to help drive growth. It is an excellent initiative to provide companies different options to work with during their development process.

An example of the resources they provide is below within the YouTube Playlist. Dive deeper into the basics to creating and developing a startup.

The Google for Entrepreneurs Network

Tools for Entrepreneurs