Conan O'Brien at SDCC 2015. Photo by: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commoms
Conan O'Brien at SDCC 2015. Photo by: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commoms

The YouTube Space in New York City Invites the King of Late Night Over

Conan O’Brien takes a walk on the virtual side in New York with the YouTube VR Lab. His tour showcases some of the hottest new products at Google.

During his tour, Conan experienced Tilt Brush, a handheld sensor that virtually builds graphics to match with the brush strokes with a handheld device. It blew Conan’s mind.


“This is going to put the marijuana industry out of business.” – Conan

Conan uses Tilt Brush as a demo and blurs the lines of entertainment and promotion. We also blur these lines, but if our outlet ever acquires funding to write or produce a story, it will be clearly labeled in sponsored content.

One interesting point of the Tilt Brush demo was when O’Brien created a figure eight drawing that resembled Bonnaroo’s figure eight. (Conan has performed and announced the Bonnaroo lineup in the past.) The influence of the imagery stuck with Conan during his production process. Which if we look closer, this can show how the media we consume ties to the actions we make.

The tour continues with comedy about VR porn. The moon and outer space gets it some love. He moves to the office to display the most boring VR project I’ve seen so far. The office VR is so boring it reminded me of the video game I Am Bread.

YouTube VR Space in New York. Photo by: Conan / YouTube
YouTube VR Space in New York. Photo by: Conan / YouTube

The cooking and restaurant virtual reality is actually interesting to me. Since I had worked in the restaurant industry for six years, I understand the value of good training in the kitchen. This VR project can help shape how we learn new skills. Instead of going to a university to learn how to engineering, a VR school could help teach people skills in a virtual setting. This is the most useful piece of VR I’ve seen so far. The irony is that I doubt the producers were thinking about VR training when they made it.

O’Brien tours a virtual gym and gets a real workout.

After watching this short tour, I was able to notice it was made with a green screen surrounding Conan. YouTube can add a virtual background that pairs with the graphics going on in the headset.

Watch the YouTube VR Space tour below.

Conan Visits YouTube's VR Lab - CONAN on TBS

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