Girl sitting in a forested area. Photo by:
Girl sitting in a forested area. Photo by:

FINAL FANTASY XV Now Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One

FINAL FANTASY XV has brought in the big names in music to help release trailers for the recent chapter in the FINAL FANTASY series.

Eminem adds vocals to the trailer for ‘Ride Together’ and Florence + The Machine cover ‘Stand by Me’ for the ‘Stand Together’ trailer. Listen in to Florence + The Machine’s full cover:


The FINAL FANTASY XV games continue to build upon the realistic graphics. The soundtrack and visuals create a truly unique gaming experience.

One of the elements that catches my eyes is the progressive use of the camera during narrative/cinematic points in gameplay.

FINAL FANTASY XV - Stand Together Trailer | PS4

FINAL FANTASY XV - "Ride Together" Launch Trailer | PS4

The role-playing action game started in 1987 and continues to capture the imagination of people all over the globe. SQUARE ENIX has been working hard to get this release out.

The reviews around the Web are commenting the work was worth the wait, but I still want to see less violence. I know it is hard in video games, but they are a reflective piece of art, and with so much beauty in the game, it should flow through the entire game in my view.

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FINAL FANTASY XV – 101 Trailer Extended Cut

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