Solar power. Photo by:
Solar power. Photo by:

Amazon Set to Produce Clean Energy with 10 Renewable Energy Centers in the United States

Amazon, the Seattle-based technology company, steamrolls through the negativity of the past election, right through climate change, and arrives in Virgina to change the world with five new solar farms.

When Amazon created two wind farms in Ohio, I was excited, but to see them work directly with the eastern seaboard is an exciting piece of progression behind the clean energy movement.


This level of progression is summerized by Amazon and Business Wire:

By supporting 260MW of solar generation capacity in Virginia, Amazonbecomes the largest corporate backer of solar projects east of the Mississippi River.’ 

They also spoke with Governor Terry McAuliffe about his point of view on renewable energy. One interesting point the Governor of Virgina makes is the price of energy going down. In connection to his point, competition in the marketplace does drive down cost. Amazon is not only helping save the world, they also are helping different communities save money on energy bills.

“Solar energy is a central part of the comprehensive renewable energy approach Virginia needs to keep costs low for businesses, families, and taxpayers as we build a new Virginia economy.” – Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe

North Carolina currently is the thrid largest state for solar energy production. Virgina is geographically close to North Carolina, and appears to be one of the largest untapped markets for solar power.

Scan over the TED Talk below on solar power energy production.

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