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#SmallBizSaturday Fuels Local Economies

Small Business Saturday follows the madness from Black Friday each year by inviting consumers away from the big box stores, and down to Main Street to help spur and drive the local economy.

Yesterday was also Record Store Day Black Friday, which is an annual event that provides local, independent record stores with limited released vinyl to bring in shoppers. This initiative creates a large buzz for indie record stores.

What Small Business Saturday is missing from their annual event is driving force that will draw in crowds. The element that Record Store Day has benefited from is the communication between local, independent record stores and the labels that produce the vinyl.

American Express lacks at being the medium for Small Business Saturday. I see a small group of people working on Record Store Day being far more productive and constructive in comparison to the American Express team. In reality, they should all work together, to help provide small businesses the most opportunities each year to connect with a larger audience. I would rework Record Store Day Black Friday, to being more a two day event, and include Small Business Saturday. My suggestion would be have the big name labels release their records on Black Friday, and release the indie label music on Saturday.

Local businesses also need support 24/7. Aside from providing support just one day out of the year, try and work more with local communities to get more out of it for yourself.

I’ve been a volunteer at a local radio station, and have continued to support WDBX over the years. It might sound corny, but giving back is a great way to connect with like-minded people.

Connect with local shops, and give back this holiday season.

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