Justice Women album artwork. Photo provided.
Justice Women album artwork. Photo provided.

Woman Marks the First Album in Five Years

Justice, an electronic music production team from Paris, released their latest album Woman on November 18.

This album delivers after a five year wait. Zane Lowe interviews the duo via Apple Music on the production process covering multiple years. Lowe goes into detail on the sound and use of technology on Woman. He tells Juctice about how the album doesn’t sound like a standard Pro Tools album.

“It’s because we don’t use Pro Tools.” – Justice 

Justice has the album available to stream on Spotify, and there is a three track preview on YouTube below.

The duo shared some of the new music with performances in New York in early November. They did some smaller shows around the release as well. Currently they have not announced upcoming tour dates, but I am sure they will hit the international festival scene hard next year with such a powerful record.

Woman puts Justice in a position to be on par with Daft Punk. As they both grew out of Paris, the heart of the city sits within Justice’s latest project.

Justice - Women | YouTube Playlist

The electronic powerhouse is known for their gigantic performances, but they decided to go with unannounced shows at smaller, intimate venues in London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm and New York. Tickets for which sold out within minutes.

Listen in to the interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music. Stay connected to their social media for updates.