NBA 2KVR Experience. Photo by: Playstation / YouTube
NBA 2KVR Experience. Photo by: Playstation / YouTube

The Experience is Available on PS4, HTC Vive And Samsung Gear VR

Sony Playstation released today NBA 2KVR Experience with interactive graphics and controls that puts the user in the shoes of a professional basketball player.

With a price point at 14.99 the game does have limited capabilities, but does an excellent job of introducing people to live action virtual reality on multiple devices. Players will need to have the Playstation VR headset and camera to experience NBA 2KVR.


1-4 players can play against each other in a series of competitive matches and games.

Sony Playstation and Business Wire noted:

NBA 2KVR will give fans even more access to our franchise and test new skills across entertaining VR challenges.”

“Our team consistently looks for new ways to deliver unique, fun experiences for the gamer.” – Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts.

The game is available via the Sony Playstation’s main website.

Below is some titles from the PSVR. Watch over trailers and connect with the games online.

NBA 2KVR Experience - Announce Trailer | PS VR

HoloBall – Launch Trailer | PS VR

Game available at:

HoloBall - Launch Trailer | PS VR

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