Virtual reality. Photo by: Bradly Hook
Virtual reality. Photo by: Bradly Hook

Preview Virtual Reality Games Available for the Sony Playstation 4

Sony PS4/PSVR is releasing trailers for upcoming games that are set for release this holiday season.

Last week, they announced: a PlayStation®4 Pro (PS4™ Pro), a high-end system that supports cutting-edge imaging technology to make PS4 Pro enhanced games look richer and more detailed than ever before. PS4 Pro, which supports dynamic 4K gaming and digital 4K entertainment, is now available in the United States and Canada at a suggested retail price of USD $399 and CAD $499 respectively.

PS4 Pro is going to deliver gaming experiences that are set to be smoother and carry more stable frame rates during gameplay.

Reddit currently has an open discussion going on about Time Machine. One person commented: ‘Pokemon snap with dinosaurs?’ That comment hit home for me after watching the trailer. I’m not big into Pokémon Go, but I was a fan of Pokémon Snap growing up. Also check out and browse over topics in the PSVR thread on Reddit.

Time Machine makes excellent use of the virtual reality capabilities with PSVR. The Martian also takes a wide screen look at a location usually unavailable, with life on Mars.

These games have some functionality with a standard PS4 controller. Playstation VR currently offers handsets for some functions, such as sword fighting, displayed with interactive graphics.

Take a look over the list of upcoming virtual reality projects with Sony Playstation.

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