AMP Web design. Photo by: The AMP Project / YouTube
AMP Web design. Photo by: The AMP Project / YouTube

An Interactive Tech Conference with a Focus on Mobile Web Design

The Google AMP Conference is live streaming on YouTube with informative tips on producing effective Web content with the AMP platform.

The tech conference kicked off yesterday, and is continuing today with lectures and insight from Yamini Gupta and Vamsee Jasti at Google.


Day 1 provided talks featuring: Paul Bakaus at Google, Jeremy Keith at Clearleft, Nicole Sullivan at Salesforce, Sarah Saltrick Meyer with Buzzfeed, Gina Trapani at Postlight and Mike Adler with Esty.

AMP Conf 2017 is an excellent way to find out the latest trends and upcoming methods Web publishers are connecting with audiences online. One of the trends that caught my attention from day one is how AMP works with e-commerce sites.

Currently, I am watching the day one live stream featuring Beck Cronin-Dixon from Eventbrite. Her lecture covers how Eventbrite is using AMP to streamline electronic commerce. When I was watching her discussion, a powerful idea hit me, Eventbrite and Ticketmaster should already be developing AMP pages that only allow 1-2 tickets to be bought per transaction. A common issue that has grown with Internet use, is ticket scalpers buying several tickets, and putting them on a secondary market.

My resolution to this problem is to create AMP pages that will load faster for average guests. It would push them to the front of the line with page loading speed, and if they limit the AMP pages to 4 tickets max, it will decrease the amount of ticket scalpers for events in high demand.

Watch over the live streams on YouTube. Connect with the event on social media for updates.

AMP Conf: Day 2 Live Stream

AMP Conf: Day 1 Live Stream