Trans Canada Keystone XL Oil Pipeline. Photo by: Tony Webster / Wikimedia Commons
Trans Canada Keystone XL Oil Pipeline. Photo by: Tony Webster / Wikimedia Commons

The Domino Effect of Failure

During the end of President Obama’s presidency, he wisely put a stop to the Keystone XL pipeline. This intelligent move of preserving the land and water is one of the better decisions Obama made in office.

Along with a potential budget that would defund the Environmental Protection Agency, the Trump administration have recently approved a permit to allow the Keystone XL pipeline to complete the project.

Our country needs more regulations for executive orders by presidents. Over the past three presidents the number of executive actions has gone up drastically. We need to decrease these actions moving forward for all presidents.

In some ways the progress that Obama made environmentally, is slowing being stripped away. Similar to the success of the ACHA.

Despite the businessman’s savvy negotiating skills, the pipeline would create far less jobs than what the current president is predicting.

CNN reported:

“If we can get that pipeline built. A lot of jobs; 28,000 jobs. Great construction jobs.” – Donald Trump

After fact-checking that comment, CNN notes that, ‘A State Department report on the pipeline that was issued under the Obama administration found that there would be 3,900 direct construction jobs if it was built over one year, or 1,950 if the work was spread over two years. Once the pipeline opens it would require only 35 full-time permanent jobs to run it, and 15 full-time temporary jobs, according to the state department report. TransCanada, the company seeking to build the pipeline, does not dispute those numbers.’

Once the current administration starts developing clean energy jobs, the American people and even some of the politicians that went against the ACHA bill will start to change their minds on future bills.

The recent proposed discretionary budget not only calls for a decrease in environmental protection, but also a decrease in health and human services. New York Times reports a negative 16 percent drop in health services.

It is not wise of the president to cut vital services, and not raise taxes. Just because past republicans have failed to increase taxes, does not mean president Trump cannot break that mold and act outside of political stereotypes.

Watch over a YouTube clip on the Keystone XL pipeline with PBS News Hour.

News Wrap: Keystone XL pipeline gets building permit from State Department