US Government spending data. Photo by: Somchai Kongkamsri /
US Government spending data. Photo by: Somchai Kongkamsri /

Research the Latest Data Covering Healthcare

The United States is in a major state of transition in several industries including defense, healthcare, and additional programs.

Graphiq utilizes data from established sources such as White House Office of Management and Budget, Kaiser Family Foundation and many additional sources. Browse over their YouTube video below to find out more on how they source their information.


The data charts below mirrors other charts and research that I have seen from other media companies. Each source will have their own agenda and narrative, but with Graphiq, I find that they do their best to accurately source each chart.

Next, a visualization covering spending on healthcare starting in 1969 and moving through to 2016.

The biggest piece of the United States budget is being funded to our military. Both healthcare and education are two fields that also absorb a large percentage of the total budget.

A big debate that is taking place is how much the current administration is investing in military, and cutting social programs across the board. Healthcare is a vital component to our society, and when the government is showing signs of increasing spending in military, the money will have to come from education and health programs.

The idea of providing rebates or tax credits to spur the economy is a pipe dream. The idea of trickle-down economics is shown to be flawed.

The real problem with trickle-down economics is that when the term was created in the ’80s with Ronald Reagan that the economy was doing well overall. He did not inherit a large amount of national debt. Donald Trump is not is a similar position.

Mainstream media, such as USA Today, attempt to blur the lines of trickle-down economics by showing data of the benefits it created for Reagan. They continue to fail to show the amount of debt that Reagan had to begin his term with in comparison to Trump.

The idea of cutting programs that provide higher paying jobs, and hope that businesses will hire more people is a pipe dream that continues to fail the American people. It is wrong to lie to over 300 million and act like cutting taxes will help anyone, after years of it showing that it does not work.

“As the trickle-down ideology became more prominent, taxes were slashed for the wealthiest while investments in things that make us all richer, like schools and infrastructure, were allowed to wither.” – Barack Obama

Despite Obama’s point of view and all of his hard work, for the next four years, the country will experience a flawed ideology within the government.

The people of the United States will have to remove the majority of politicians that oppose higher taxes by voting in local and national elections. When taxes are higher, there is more money for healthcare, military, education and other social programs.

Where We Get Our Data

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