Visual Artist Android Jones will join over 200 Performances and Presentations across 7 Stages

Arise Music Festival, taking place in Loveland, Colorado on August 4-6, has recently announced three new artists. The additions include two musical acts, Beats Antique and Break Science, and one visual artist, Android Jones.

The announcement comes on the heels of Beats Antique’s jaw dropping show at the Fillmore in Denver this past Saturday. Their unique blend of dark, world music and mind bending stage performance transformed the chandelier lit auditorium into a fairytale world where bellydancing, beautiful women dressed as bunnies, shadowboxes, princesses and dragons became reality for one evening. With their ability to transform even an ordinary place into something otherworldy, I cannot wait to see them under the stars at the picturesque Sunrise Ranch.

Break Science, featuring drummer Adam Deitch of Lettuce and producer Borahm Lee, will be bringing the beats to Arise. This electronic music act draws inspiration from their hometown of NYC and blends live drumming and keyboarding, with produced tracks and hip hop, and is downright fun to dance to. As a huge fan of Lettuce, Break Science is always on my list of must-see acts.

Android Jones, acclaimed visual artist, is well known for his psychedelic animation and will almost certainly be VJ’ing for Tipper’s set. These two visionary artists have collaborated many times in the past at events such as Shambhala, Sonic Bloom, Imagine Festival, Red Rocks, Tipper and Friends, and at Alex Grey’s art sanctuary in New York, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

Arise will be announcing two more headliners in May, in addition to their already stacked lineup. My prediction and personal hope will be that Lettuce makes the card. After all, they will be hosting Rage Rocks at Red Rocks in May and their drummer Adam Deitch will already be on the scene. Either way, Arise will certainly be a spectacular weekend filled with dancing, art, workshops, and good vibes. I can’t wait to see you all there at the feet of the mountains in scenic Loveland, Colorado.

Beats Antique - Colony Collapse (Live on KEXP)

Tipper & Android Jones at Infrasound 2013