The Ultimate Beach Party

The Hangout Music Festival makes Weekend at Bernie’s look like a weekend at a regular beach, with no music.

The film Weekend at Bernie’s was released in 1983, and some of the people reading this article were probably not old enough to watch the film to get that first joke, but for those that had cable in the ’80s, it was one of the only films on television. It was the Justin Bieber of entertainment.

Hangout Fest 2016 crowd. Photo by: Matthew McGuire

Hangout Fest 2016 crowd. Photo by: Matthew McGuire

In 2016 at Hangout Fest, I made several jokes referring to that old film, and didn’t get it over too well. Sometimes a bad jokes just needs a couple of years before it starts to make people laugh. I compare this to the lineup for Hangout Fest.

At first people may have not been in love with the lineup, but as the festival draws closer, the glow of Hangout Fest starts to win people back.

Hangout Music Festival does provide one of the best beach parties on the globe.

That being said, we wanted to highlight some of the best beach music that would be taking the stage this year at the festival. Watch over the YouTube playlist to soak in the sun before the event kicks off May 19-21.

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”Hangout Music Festival | YouTube Playlist 2017″ playlist_yt=”0C3zgYW_FAM, DVkkYlQNmbc, s616v2pSWDU, 6byaTlhGJXM, h1DgPSJnXm4, exoWGjpx4UM, K1BqwONm4TE, MmZexg8sxyk, Qk3yxQIlRC0, XWJrPzAUzAs”]