YouTube Channels with Over 1,000 Subscribers can now Stream on Mobile Live

The term known as the ‘Fourth Wall’ is defined as the space that separates a performer or performance from an audience.

As a media outlet, media producer, media buyer, media manager, and media consumer I wear several hats when producing original material.

In a recent CNBC article, I found out that Spotify will pay producers $7.00 per thousand plays on their platform in comparison to YouTube’s $1.00 per thousand plays.

When I look at it on a direct comparison I see a major inequality. When I take it a step further, Fortune reported in December 2016 that Spotify is on track to start turning a profit in 2017-2018. In a recent interview, Susan Wojcicki CEO of YouTube, said the company was still in an investing stage.

The reason I bring this up is to show that Spotify has a more efficient model for music streaming, and has more resources to pay artists more money. That being said, they do not offer the second largest search engine traffic, or the option to advertise on that search engine.

After YouTube’s recent shakeup with advertisers over controversial content, the company is even less likely to have the resources to start paying producers more money. It is a catch-22 in some ways with YouTube being one of the largest targets for hate speech, as well as the largest platform for musicians and film producers.

As a producer I find it important to tell the audience about the behind-the-scenes operations of the company that I work for as an independent producer. When we provide transparency with our audience, a deeper level of trust can be formed.

YouTube is also developing additional transparency with giving advertises additional controls to provide the best user experience possible.

With the new update for producers with 1,000 subscribers opens up our outlet for live streaming on YouTube via mobile devices. We will go live for breaking news, live performances, and cultural events. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube for past videos on upcoming original content.

One of the quick ways to tell if a company has depth is to check their YouTube channel subscribers, amount of videos uploaded, and views each video producers. Producers can advertise and promote their videos to appear to have a large demand.

An example is how pop music that lacks depth, will have large amounts of revenue pumped behind to push audiences into buying the product. As audiences get smarter, the vanity metrics on social media will matter less, and the ability for producers to create informative, and entertaining content will matter more.

Browse over artist resources with YouTube for Artists online. This section of YouTube provides data on insight on which videos are doing well, which areas are viewing the most content, as well as additional metrics.

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