Google in search. Photo by: Photo Mix /
Google in search. Photo by: Photo Mix /

Google Fact Check is Expanding into Search Globally in all Languages

Google, also known as Alphabet Inc., recently expanded their fact checking system within their search platform.

This new rollout features a tool that will give users a nonpartisan fact check overview of the information they search. It does not account of all Web search, but the platform is currently more politically geared following Election 2016.

Recode points out the time it takes for some pieces of information to be reviewed. In an era of breaking news and the value of trustworthy journalism; it will be important for outlets to have accurate and instant fact-checking. The Washington Post currently has one of the better fact-checking systems for a news outlet that I have experienced.

The New York Times reported on Google expanding their fact checking system:

‘Google’s announcement comes a day after Facebook launched a resource to help users spot false news and misleading information that spreads on its service. The resource is basically a notification that pops up for a few days. Clicking on it takes people to tips and other information on how to spot false news and what to do about it.’

In the YouTube clip below tech analysis Research President Bob O’Donnell and Bloomberg’s Jitendra Waral review Google’s recent update to their search engine.

Google Brings Fake News Fact-Checking to News Searches