Lightning in a Bottle 2017 craft lineup. Photo provided.
Lightning in a Bottle 2017 craft lineup. Photo provided.

Lighting in a Bottle highlights Grassroots Political Activism, Social Justice, Climate Change and indigenous Land Rights

The Lightning in a Bottle festival has announced their speaker and workshop lineup featuring discussion covering natural history, local plants, science, and spirituality.

Lightning in a Bottle Arts and Music Festival is located at San Antonio Lake in Bradley, California. The event will take place this upcoming May 24-29.

Lightning in a Bottle 2017 beacon lineup. Photo provided.
Lightning in a Bottle 2017 beacon lineup. Photo provided.

Lineups for the remaining Points of the Compass and its musical performances will be announced in the coming weeks.

Browse over the workshop and speaker lineups:


  • Andrea Armeni – Sustainable Activism: Using Money to Make Change
  • Chris Tooker – KMLN
  • Climbing Poetree – Conscious Entrepreneurship
  • Deepone
  • Erika Gagnon – “Honoring the waters”
  • Filastine (DJ Set)
  • Fred and Violet Collins – Compass Opening
  • Griffin Crafts – Griffin Crafts
  • Guru Singh – Bring the Future Here Now
  • Informed Citizens Symposium – Give me Truth, w/NoodliTru: Quinton Donleavy, Thomas Himes, & Phil Detwiler
  • Jade Begay – Building a movement w/ Dallas Goldtooth and Clayton Thomas Müller
  • Jai Dev Singh – A Thousand Thunderstrokes:: Activating the Pineal Gland
  • Joaquin Joaqopelli Montoya – JoaqoPelli
  • Kenny Ausobel – Changing of the Gods: Planetary and Human Revolutions
  • Luke Solman – saQi feat. Kr3ture
  • Mark Farina
  • Michael Manahan
  • Michael Paul Hill – Apache Thunder Clap
  • Millard Murphy – Building Resilient Communities (Panel)
  • Pedro Cruz – LIB Official Opening
  • Porangui – Cacao Alchemy Gathering with Poranguí Live Music
  • Priya Deepika – Hear in My Heart, Cosmic Live-Electronic Music Set
  • Rigzin Tromge – Guided Meditation for the Shambhala Prophecy Warriors
  • Shawni – Ground into your essence
  • Sonja Drakulich/Stellamara – Stellamara
  • Sweet Anomaly – Surround
  • Unify – UNIFY: Global Synchronized Meditation Livecast
  • Wasfia Nazreen – Journey through the Seven Summits
  • Zoe Jakes’ House of Tarot


Home to the Community Lodge, the Craft Sheds, and the Herbal Arts and Folk Arts Arbors, the Craft is the place to learn various skills and crafts related to living in harmony with the earth and making beauty. Speakers, presentations, and activities at the Craft will include:


  • Bridget Baker & David Ede – A Minimalists’ Guide to Personal Freedom
  • Erika Gagnon
    • Tobacco: master plant teacher
    • Sunset at the Fire with Erika Gagnon & Hector Gomez
  • Krikor Andonian
    • Re-Wilding Workshop: On oaks, acorns, and Native American staple food
    • Re-Wilding Workshop: Natural History, Local Plants, Science, & Spirituality
  • Rainbow Eagle Dreamer
    • Cattail Doll Making w/ Rainbow Dreamer
    • Rawhide Rattle Making w/ Rainbow Dreamer
    • Storytelling – Animal Awareness w/ Rainbow Dreamer
  • Dr. Jeff Chen – Cannabis Scientific Renaissance w/ Dr. Jeff Chen
  • Celena Delphi – Delphi
  • Shira Salcman – The Art of Cordage
  • Mike Scartezina – World Fusion Drumming workshop
  • Dr. Steven Shwartz – Attuning your Body Using Sacred Harmonics, Sound, Light and Frequencies
  • Osiris Indriya – Introduction to Magick
  • Leta Gibney
  • Mariee Sioux
  • Icarus Wendel – Hand drill fire making by friction
  • The Dark Goddess & The Sacred Mushroom
  • Janina Angel Bath – Tarot Readings with The Tarot Woman
  • Benjamin pixie
    • Bark tan medicine bag making
    • Hand making Cordage with natrual fibers
    • Hide tanning
  • Regenerative Herbalism and the Art of Distillation
  • Tim Rush (Timo) – Dj Set with Liaison
  • Being With FLOWERS: Floral Art As Spiritual Practice
  • Michael Paul Hill – Apache Thunder Clap
  • Erika Gagnon – “Honoring the waters”
  • Pedro Cruz – LIB Official Opening
  • Andrea Armeni – Found in the Wild: Herbs for Health & Happiness
  • Marza Millar – Earth Grids
  • James Stark – Transforming Our Lives and Planet By Living From Our Heart
  • Millard Murphy – Building Resilient Communities (Panel Member)
  • Dr. Naughtilee – The Promise of Psychedelic Medicines
  • Ben Christie – The (Re)Globalisation of Teacher Plants
  • Eamon Armstrong – How To Dismantle Toxic Masculinity
  • Basel Khoury Rawi Sound
  • Clayton Cowart – Blacksmithing: Handforging a simple blacksmiths knife
  • Special Blackburn
    • Becoming an herbalist – finding your own way
    • Spark your inner witch: learning by formulation
    • Aphrodisiacs class! All about em…
  • Ipek & Craig Goldberg
    • An Introduction to Essential Oils
    • Balancing Your Emotions with Essential Oils
  • Jai Dev Singh – Thunderbolt of Shiva: Crystalizing the Mind
  • Dr. Deb – “Ask the Elder”


  • Stop, Drop & Bowl Part 1: Galctivated Sound Healing with Dr. DREAM
  • Stop, Drop & Bowl Part 2: Galactivation Station, Tibetan Bowls, Oils & Cacao

Data covering these event provided by Lightning in a Bottle Arts and Music Festival.

Browse over the 2016 recap video on YouTube. Stay connected to the festival’s social media for updates.

Fluidity - Lightning In a Bottle 2017 Official Video

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