Free Press Summer Festival. Photo provided by: Fresh and Clean Media
Free Press Summer Festival. Photo provided by: Fresh and Clean Media

Free Press Summer Festival Announces the 2017 Performance Schedule

The 2017 Free Press Summer Festival has released their schedule for live performances, and added a group of new artists to the lineup.

Miike Snow, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Party Favor, Trill Sammy and Mod Sun join the group of talented musicians at FPSF 2017. Out of the new acts added to the bill the music and style behind Mod Sun stands out of the pack.


The festival recently released the schedule to the event. Browse over the schedule to FPSF 2017.

Additionally, FPSF connected with The Pass and Provisions to have chef curated meals at the festival. Seth Siegel-Gardner and Terrence Gallivan will hand select food vendors to give depth to the food lineup.

“We want the food selection to be a small snapshot of restaurants we love in Houston. We’ll also choose spots that serve festival-friendly food-what people want to eat when they’re rocking out.” – Terrence Gallivan

Grab tickets to Free Press Summer Festival via their main website.

Watch over a collection of YouTube videos featuring recently added artists. Stay connected with Free Press Summer Festival on social media for updates.

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