Mario toy. Photo by:
Mario toy. Photo by:

Live Stream New Titles from Nintendo with YouTube

The Los Angeles Convention Center is currently hosting the gaming tech conference known as E3 2017.

After a strong showing from Sony on Monday, Nintendo looks to take back the spotlight with their upcoming titles.

Luigi toy. Photo by:
Luigi toy. Photo by:

Playstation has continue to release new virtual reality projects with titled including: Moss, Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, and Bravo Team.

Watch over the Nintendo and IGN live streams from E3 2017 Day 1 on YouTube. Viewers can also connected to the live stream on Twitter for an overview glance at the event.

Nintendo | E3 2017: Day 1

E3 2017: Nintendo Treehouse - IGN LIVE

Dive into new titles and trailers to upcoming games from Sony Playstation. Browse over their Media Showcase that was streamed on Monday, June 12.

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