Consumers can Upgrade to DVR Cloud Storage and Access to Showtime

Hulu Live TV is offering access to stream full seasons of exclusive content, popular movies, their current catalog of television episodes, premium Hulu Originals and additional content for a monthly subscription of $40.

This is comparable to other streaming services such as YouTube, Amazon and Netflix. Hulu is currently providing this live service to all 50 states.

Consumers will also be able to watch Live and On Demand TV from 50+ top channels including sports and news. Each viewer will have a selection of local channels to browse, as well as a collection of national programs to watch. When I previewed the channels in my area, I found out that a large percentage of the channels they advertise are available in my viewing area.

The hashtag #LiveTVonHulu has been trending today on Twitter. So far the reception on Twitter has not been a warm welcome. A large amount of users are looking for more options to select individual channels. Hulu might want to work on different subscription levels to provide additional channels to customers that show a large demand for content.

Watch over the trailer for an upcoming virtual reality project that Hulu has in the works featuring Major Lazer on YouTube.

ON STAGE: Major Lazer 2D Trailer • Coming Soon to Hulu VR