Corn for Grain, Hay and Soybean Crops Rank as some of the Most Vital Resources to the Pennsylvania Agricultural Economy

One of the most exciting pieces to Farm Aid is their relentless attitude to help bring awareness to sustaining local agriculture.

Each year the organization travels around the United States to host an event, but they also shine a spotlight on farming communities. This year, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania will host thousands of people on Saturday, September 16, at KeyBank Pavilion.

Cropland across the United States can produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Along with the music, Farm Aid also helps showcase the local food being produced annually. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture:

‘Pennsylvania leads the United States in mushroom production, with an annual production of more than 425 million pounds, valuing more than $330.7 million per year.’

In addition to mushrooms, the state is also known for livestock and corn production.

When supporters provide more than a $75 donation, Farm Aid will connect guests with an exclusive collector’s edition of our 2017 Farm Aid concert print.

Farm Aid 2017 concert poster. Photo by: Farm Aid

Farm Aid 2017 concert poster. Photo by: Farm Aid

Watch over the YouTube videos to preview artists and to get to know more about how Farm Aid supports farmers nationwide.

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