Immersive Gameplay from One of the Most Beloved Video Games

Mario Kart is getting an upgrade in Japan with video game producers in Shinjuku, at Bandai Namco’s flaghsip VR Zone.

Nintendo has partnered Namco Bandai to bring the virtual reality game to arcades in Japan.

Namco Bandai and Nintendo will have Mario Kart VR available in Japan, and have plans on bringing the immersive technology to additional locations.

Ars Technica reported with insight from Namco Bandai:

“The company plans to install their VR activities in over 20 locations worldwide in order to increase the opportunities for a larger audience to enjoy their VR entertainment,” – Namco Bandai Executive Officer for Amusement Yoshiyasu Horiuchi

Watch the gameplay on YouTube to check out a first hand look at the amazing graphics. Review coverage by The Japan Times on YouTube to find out more on how the VR Zone works.

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