A piece paper and an ink pen. Photo by: Pexels.com
A piece paper and an ink pen. Photo by: Pexels.com

How Media Can Be Poison

Amazon Studios has nabbed up the creators to The Walking Dead for a series of new projects.

The major film company has recently expanded programming with science fiction, fantasy and horror.


Robert Kirkman and David Alpert are the creators of The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and Outcast. Each of these shows provide a level of artistic expression and creativity, but my point of view on violence in the mainstream is that it is all overkill.

In addition to Amazon Studios bringing on Kirkman and Alpert, they also have teamed with their production team known as Skybound Entertainment.

Amazon Studios and Business Wire reported:

“At Skybound Entertainment we strive to tell the best stories in the most unique and creative ways in an effort to always break new ground.” – Robert Kirkman

When I review their work, I don’t get a true sense of creative freedom. I personally see a group of people recreating violent imagery for the sake of cheap entertainment. When you compare their script writing to other well developed television programs, it is clear that the fear and violence within their shows is a main driving point.

My point of view on violent imagery is that it is improper to consume at any age.

In the trailer to the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, viewers can see a unnecessary use of violence within the short clip. We rarely publish any violent imagery, but for this article, I wanted to show the negative impact violence can have on viewers.

The key to resisting violent imagery is not buying into it, and therefore decreasing the viewers ability to reproduce those actions.

One of the reasons our country has such a high number of people in prison can partially be linked back to the over use of violence on television. There will be some people to argue that watching violent imagery does not ‘always’ create a violent person. I agree that it is not direct, but there is evidence that shows inmates expressing violence after watching adult content in prison.

There is solid proof that most prisons will not allow inmates to watch ‘adult content’ in fear they will act out violently.

Now, let’s take it a step further.

Why would Amazon, and other television companies choose to run violent programming over more educational and informative programming?

The answer is hidden within the causation ideology within the United States.

The United States has a serious problem with being proactive to solve major problems such as crime. Each city could increase taxes to provide more jobs for security in rough neighborhoods. But, they choose to keep taxes low, and crime rates high. Why? Because the people of the United States have been brainwashed to thinking low taxes is overall good for the country.

Recently, I published a post about creating jobs in Detroit and Chicago to decrease crime. The leaders of our country would rather focus on trying to control other countries, and forgot those struggling within our country.

In conclusion, it is the audience’s fault for not realizing they are being presented a cheap form of entertainment. They could turn off violent programming, but choose to gravitate to cheap forms of entertainment to give their brains a chance to decompress. With a decrease in public support and demand, the amount of supply to violent imagery will also decrease.

As a society we also need to focus on being more proactive ourselves.

Robert Kirkman and David Alpert are two talented media producers. I just hope they take more creative control when developing future shows, steer away from violent imagery, and help move society in a more thoughtful direction.

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