Travel to Dubois, Wyoming for An Open View of Totality in Virtual Reality

Visitors from all over the globe gathered across the United States on August 21 for the 2017 Solar Eclipse.

Google has been working hard to provide unique views to this special event. In additional to a YouTube 360 video, they have put together a documentary, and have been working with independent data scientists to create a collection of photographs spanning coast-to-coast during totality.

Over 1,300 citizen scientists captured moments of totality with their cameras. The project was focused to find out more on the sun’s atmosphere. Once I found out about the project, I signed up to help with the open-source dataset.

Currently, I am editing down footage that I recorded during the day from Makanda and Carbondale, Illinois. The area of Southern Illinois will be one of the only locations that the path of totality will cross in 2017, as well as in 2024. I have already submitted my still photos from the Megamovie project. My goal with my video footage is to submit the content to film festivals to screen over 2018.

Watch over the documentaries via YouTube.

Chasing Totality: A Solar Eclipse VR Experience

Chasing Totality: Making the 2017 Eclipse Megamovie

The 2017 Eclipse Megamovie is one of the most exciting projects that I have worked on with additional open-source producers.

Currently, the Megamovie editing team is working on getting the photos in a timeline with correct locations spanning over the country.

Take a look at the current cut of the 2017 Eclipse Megamovie.

Eclipse Megamovie v0.5