Residents In Florida Continue to Rebuild their Communities Following the Deadly Storm know as Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma has left many cities in Southern Florida looking to repair and restore their communities.

Governor Scott has noted that over 30,000 people are working to help restore power to residents in Florida.

The New York Times reported:

• Almost 4.4 million Florida homes and businesses remained without power Tuesday night, according to state officials.

• South Carolina officials said that while infrastructure damage had been much less severe than expected, there was the potential for minor flooding in Charleston and Hilton Head on Tuesday and throughout the week.

• President Emmanuel Macron of France arrived in the Caribbean on Tuesday to assess the damage to French territories battered by Hurricane Irma last week.

• About 94,000 people remain in Florida shelters, according to state officials. Here’s a roundup on the status of many local curfews.

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