Gaming with Playstation. Photo by:
Gaming with Playstation. Photo by:

Explore Virtual Reality Playstation Gameplay with GT Sport and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Playstation Underground has recently released a series of videos featuring gameplay that reflects the Mystery Science Theater style of reviewing film.

The gamers showoff the latest titles from PS VR and provide witty remarks to the immersive games.


In addition to the 360 view with PS VR, Playstation Underground also reviews one of my most anticipated games upcoming in 2018 with the Secret of Mania for the PS4.

Gamers can also vote for their favorite Playstation game, independent game, and VR experience via the Playstation’s main website. 2017 was not the best year for gaming, but it is still amusing to find out which titles performed the best with Playstation. They will conclude voting at the end of the year.

Personally, I find that the best year for gaming took place in 1984 with the release of Tetris. It sold over 170,000,000 copies, and no game has come close since.

One of my favorite all time games is Spelunky. Playstation has released a trailer for the second edition, but no release date has been reported yet.

Watch over the previews for GT Sport and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on YouTube.

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