The Holiday Season is Filled with Joy, Weapons and Exploration

Why is everyone single big ticket video game completely overrun with violence? No pattern here.

The reason: the investors that pump money into game developing companies have backend ties with the military and the prison system. You can feel free to disagree, but it’s just reality. Unlike every single big title video game. I honestly cannot find a single game from Xbox that has large amount of advertising dollars pumped behind it that lacks a large amount of violence.

To prove my point; why do most prisons not allow adult content to be shown? It has statically shown to increase aggressive behavior. So why does our government allow it at home?

Thank goodness for Nintendo.

Gamers strongly dislike it when I inform them of the brainwashing tactics from their beloved gaming companies, but I’m sick of seeing cheap forms of entertainment used over, and over, and over again. If you are not sick of it as well, you are just not paying close enough attention.

Each of the Xbox ‘Games with Gold’ look to desensitize young players with an over the top amount of violence.