Machu Picchu. Photo by:
Machu Picchu. Photo by:

Marvel In the Historic Views of the World with Virtual Reality

The New York Times recently recorded and captured seven wonders of the world with virtual reality.

Spectators can view the wonders via their desktop, smartphone, or with a VR headset.


Millions of travelers seek out and interact with these monuments in different sections of the world. They can now browse over these historic locations with the unique lens of virtual reality via The New York Times.

The New York Times reported:

‘These sites and monuments are popularly known as the “new Seven Wonders of the World,” modern additions to the ancient Seven Wonders laid out by Philo of Byzantium in 250 B.C., which included the hanging gardens of Babylon and the pyramids of Giza. (Of those ancient seven, only the pyramids remain.)’

Five of these are currently available to view on YouTube, and the other two are via The Times main website.

The Colosseum

Christ the Redeemer

Chichén Itzá


The Great Wall

Taj Mahal

Machu Picchu

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