Flash flooding recovery in California. Wikimedia Commons / Adam DuBrowa/ FEMA
Flash flooding recovery in California. Wikimedia Commons / Adam DuBrowa/ FEMA

Flash Flooding In Southern California Taking Place from Santa Barbara to San Clemente

California continues to get hit hard with serve weather conditions.

As predicted by the Farmer’s Almanac, we reported in late December that California would experience rainfall, but we did not foresee the flash flooding issues.


This rain does help distinguish the wildfires that plagued Southern California during the end of 2018.

As climate change becomes more severe, the need to become more aware on how to protect ourselves becomes even more important. In the case of flash flooding ready.gov reports:

  • Avoid walking or driving through flood waters.
  • Do not drive over bridges that are over fast-moving floodwaters. Floodwaters can scour foundation material from around the footings and make the bridge unstable.
  • Just 6 inches of moving water can knock you down, and one foot of moving water can sweep your vehicle away.If there is a chance of flash flooding, move immediately to higher ground.
  • If floodwaters rise around your car but the water is not moving, abandon the car and move to higher ground. Do not leave the car and enter moving water.
  • Avoid camping or parking along streams, rivers, and creeks during heavy rainfall. These areas can flood quickly and with little warning.

Watch over a YouTube clip from Newsy featuring the weather conditions in California.

*Update: Five people have been killed due to the mudslides in California. 

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