Climate change in grasslands.
Climate change in grasslands.

The Earth’s Temperature Continues to Climb with Climate Change

In the past three years the world’s surface temperature has continued to climb at dangerous levels.

Since 1880 the global average regarding temperature was the second highest on record.


The data within the video below displays a heat map of global temperature. The increases in temperatures can be linked to population size.

The increase in temperature is causing glaciers to melt in Greenland, Alaska, and Antarctic. When these melt, it increases the sea level. This directly impacts islands and coastal regions around the globe.

Recently, California experienced extreme weather condictions with wildfires, mudslides and flash flooding.

Climate change is also a byproduct from the industrial revolution. With the amount of automobiles producing excess amounts of greenhouse gases, it raises global temperatures, as well as increasing air pollution.

Watch over the two videos below from the National Geographic and CNN on YouTube covering climate change.


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