The Cross Section Between Independent Journalism and Corporate Media

How many of the journalists that have reviewed the CNN departure from Beme ever startup a successful company? My guess is close to zero.

As an independent journalist that has been reporting news with this outlet, in addition to working a full time job, I can say that Casey Neistat may have not been successful long-term with Beme, but at least he took the time to create something organic and attempted to work with corporate media. That is saying a lot more than most journalists.

When I review the amount of money CNN has reported making in net profit over the past decade, records show the company making hundreds of millions of dollars each year in profit. The amount of money it took for them to acquire Beme was a small fraction of the company’s total profit for one year. If the corporation wanted to buy up several small media outlets, and put them to work, they easily could with their profits. But, they don’t due to a lack of skill with monetizing content.

I don’t blame Neistat and his team for trying. I support them for making the attempt.

When I review other articles on this topic, I get a feeling of jealous nobodies trying to take verbal punches at someone with talent. I haven’t seen an article from an owner of a startup in the news industry taking verbal jabs. Why do you think that is?

Overall, I hope more people with talent express themselves online, and work with major corporations to provide additional independent voices to the mainstream media. It is an excellent idea worth sharing.