Distribution for content marketing. Photo by: Pexels.com
Distribution for content marketing. Photo by: Pexels.com

The Key to Success with Content Marketing is Distribution

In 2018 a surge of companies are merging with the Web to engage audiences that primarily use smartphones to find news, data, products and services.

Along with the influx of new users to online platforms, many marketing and advertising companies are looking to capture the attention of these users with effective forms of digital media.


Currently, there are several different platforms to engage potential customers online. One of the biggest differences that I find within different companies is their investment in distribution.

An example for distribution can be seen within the differences on television.

  • First, you have network channels that produce a large amount of revenue to obtain channels 1-12 on satellite and cable.
  • Second, you have large and well-known channels that make up the middle.
  • Finally, you have public access channels. I compare public access to posting content on social media and other online platforms without financially investing into the product. Yes, you will get some viewers, but the main section of traffic is going to the outlets that are making more money, and using distribution in their favor.

Next, we breakdown some of these platforms to help producers find the best route for their future.


iTunes currently has the biggest and most expansive platform to distribute podcasts.

Soundcloud is another platform for audio producers to share their content.

Blog Posts:

Several websites have an option to release news content online. I highly recommend each company producing 10-15 articles a day that has relevant content regarding each form of business.

Also, I highly recommend company work with Web production companies to create content to share across their platform. Later I will discuss more on cross-platform media production.

In addition to writing multiple articles each day, I also suggest using social media to promote these pieces of content out across the Web.

When writing and producing Web-based articles make sure to format the content with search engine optimization.

A large huddle for most smaller companies is obtaining revenue to be able to advertise. As a startup company myself, I totally understand. That being said, creating revenue to later use for advertising is vital for companies to generate to obtain additional leads to keep their company moving forward.

Video Production:

YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all provide video producers the ability to share and market video-based content online.

YouTube works well with directing a piece of content to a specific audience. YouTube uses Google AdWords to allow producers to advertise their content to geographical locations, as well as certain niche audiences.

Twitch is a new video platform that is gaining popularity of gaming content online. They are obtaining a lot of new users following YouTube’s inability to adapt to the current conditions.

Social Media:

Social media marketing is another form of advertising or content marketing that can connect consumers to products.

Recently, I wrote a piece covering the different distribution platforms with social media to show trends moving past 2018 to give insight to online producers.

Panel Discussions:

Large-scale festivals and events have been using their platform to provide companies a form of distribution to engage audiences. CES in Las Vegas recently wrapped, and hundreds of companies used this event to connect their products with consumers.

Reach out and connect with events and festivals that match up with your user’s demographics to connect with potential customers.


Professional photography is becoming more accessible for media producers with the enhancements of camera quality on smartphones.

When working on photography for content I find that quality story telling is an excellent piece to the puzzle to maximize.

Another way to connect with larger audiences is to utilize hashtags on social media. Research other similar companies and find the best keywords to use when distributing content.

Cross-Platform Multimedia:

One of the biggest trends in high quality content is producing effective multimedia that apply to different platforms. I find that professional video and audio can be distributed across multiple platforms effectively.

Users and consumers are visually drawn to content, and with professional video, people seem to engage with this form of media, in comparison to textual and still photography.

Watch over an informative YouTube from 500 Startups to find out more on content marketing.