The missing puzzle piece behind success. Photo by:
The missing puzzle piece behind success. Photo by:

Sitting Under the Learning Tree

Many entrepreneurs look for clues and tips to mix into their strategy to achieve success in their field.

To help business leaders and people around the world I have compiled a list of interviews on YouTube that provide insight to some of the brightest minds on earth.


Opera shares her secrets to success, and Mark Cuban provides his classic ‘sweat equity’ form of intellect.

Each of these interviews provide a piece to the puzzle on how success is manifested.

When I personally look at success, I find that it can be achieved by anyone that can set a goal and put forth the effort to complete that goal. In all different industries people aspire to move forward in the careers. The difference between those that progress and those to regress is displayed in the YouTube videos below.

When Larry King asked Daymond John, a business leader and co-host on Shark Tank, about what it takes to be a good entrepreneur, he responded with the following answer:

“A great entrepreneur is somebody who learns from their mistakes. They know they are going to fail way more than they are going to succeed. They surround themselves with like-minded people. They know that they need mentors in their life. They take affordable steps. And they act, they learn, and they repeat. And these are people who have a drive. They know they need to get up before everybody in the morning, and they know they need to go to bed after everybody. And they know to not let anybody out hustle you.” – Daymond John

Watch over these videos to learn more about personal success.