Mario toy. Photo by:
Mario toy. Photo by:

A New Level of User Interaction from Nintendo

Nintendo is releasing a new DIY project titled Labo that combines cardboard with an enhanced user experience.

The Nintendo Labo will be available on April 20, 2018.

It delivers a totally unique gaming experience that gives the user ability to explore different virtual environments with the Nintendo Switch.

One element that I find extremely valuable is the material of cardboard. It can be easily recycled, and creates a more sustainable approach to the gaming world.

Another element to Nintendo Labo is the virtual reality / augmented reality user control for some of the demos that the video below displays. At the first look, the games look basic, but additional demos provide a more in-depth look at the functionality that the new hardware has to offer.

Furthermore, the new platform offers users the ability to learn skills such as playing an instrument that will enhance their brain activity.

Watch over a preview video on YouTube from Nintendo.