Playstation remote. Photo by:
Playstation remote. Photo by:

Virtual Insanity

Playstation is rolling out new immersive gaming for the PS VR in 2018.

Despite the amount of violent gaming that I choose not to cover or highlight, there is still a large selection of games to explore on the PS VR.


Explore some of the titles that Playstation has recently released.

Cold Iron

Cold Iron is one of the closest games containing violence that I have included in the YouTube playlist below. In addition to the cheap form of violent entertainment, the game does provide some interesting puzzles that I would recommend for different age groups. Primarily with the violence in this game, I would still suggest users be over the age of 18, and test out other games as well.

The platform does provide a wide array of virtual reality experiences outside of violent programming.

GT Sport

The most impressive game to be recently be released by Playstation for me is GT Sport in virtual reality. The racing experience comes to life with PS VR. PlayStation Underground provides gameplay of GT Spot, as well as an interactive review.

Pierhead Arcade

The development teams of Mechabit and Archiact have put together one of the most exciting games for younger audiences. If you have kids at home that want to get into virtual reality this game is perfect for all ages.

It brought me back to my childhood and going to the arcade for entertainment.

The pixel resolution with the PS VR headset is 1920×RGB×1080 (960×RGB×1080 per eye). Browse over the YouTube playlist to explore different games from Playstation.

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