When People Say Rock Music is Dead, It’s Not Dead, It Just Needed Knee Surgery

Last year on Saturday, March 25 the duo known as Matt and Kim were performing in Mexico at the Vaiven Festival. During the performance Kim suffered a serious knee injury that has taken the band off tour for several months.

Matt and Kim are two of the most entertaining musicians within the rock/pop genre. After years of independently releasing music and memorable music videos on YouTube, the performers have made it to international acclaim.

Before their performance at the Vaivan Festival, the two noticed a series of problems. Weather conditions were not ideal overall.

Due to their commitment to performing the two took the stage in unsafe conditions. Just as they took the stage Kim lands on her leg wrong, and rolls her knee.

In all my years of covering music, I have never seen a musician attempt to perform the drums with a torn ACL. It brings me to tears each time I watch the first video. Her level of commitment surpasses anything I have ever seen.

The second video gives insight on their visit to a Mexican hospital. Once they get back to the United States they get Kim checked out in Los Angeles. They find out that Kim has experience a torn ACL.

In the third video Matt and Kim head to the hospital to get surgery on her knee.

“This footage is from right after my surgery that happened 7 months ago.  We took some time off but felt we should post this to close that shitty chapter of my life.  Putting 2017 behind us and jumping head first into 2018.  Lots of things are about to happen and we can’t wait to show it to you all!” – Kim