Jump Into 2018 with the Latest Developments in Cinema

Each year a new level of expectation in the film industry is created to surpass the pervious year.

Data shows that 3D film and virtual reality continue to lead the pack. Augmented reality and mixed reality also have their place within the entertainment industry, but on a smaller scale.

Virtual reality software and hard is expected to grow past $22 billion by 2020.

3D films continue to progress, but did have a small setback for 2017. Statista indicated the following trend for three dimensional film production in the United States:

  • 2012: 40 (3D films produced)
  • 2013: 45
  • 2014: 47
  • 2015: 40
  • 2016: 52
  • 2017: 48

This data set showcases the overall trend during the past six years for 3D films.

Virtual reality projects have been showcased at major film festival such as Tribeca and Sundance, but have not seen a major release across home entertainment.

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