Ultimate Expedition 2018. Photo by: Dudesons / YouTube
Ultimate Expedition 2018. Photo by: Dudesons / YouTube

Climb a 20,000-Foot Mountain in Peru, Tour the Mind, and Explore Entertainment with YouTube Red Originals

In 2017 and 2018 YouTube has been experiencing several problems from their managerial decisions regarding demonetization, and limiting the channels that can acquire revenue from their content.

As a YouTuber with over ten years of experience, I create constructive criticism to their direction, as well as support them when they make effective decisions regarding the company.


As a journalist I do my best to provide unbiased data to allow readers the ability to understand my perspective. I will be honest, I sincerely hope that one day YouTube executives realize the importance of independent journalism, and help smaller channels like Crescent Vale, be able to produce original programming to help solve some of their own problems. Overall, I sincerely doubt they will be able to openly accept and promote constructive criticism of their own platform, but that is truly what they need the most right now.

Recently, YouTube Red Originals released a series of new programs featuring Ultimate Expedition, Mind Field, Roman Atwood’s Day Dreams, Buddy System, and
Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television.

Some of these shows offer informative content, and others provide more entertaining forms of media. I will openly critique each of these shows to give readers a look into the programming with YouTube Red.

Ultimate Expedition by Dudesons

After viewing almost all of the programs on YouTube Red, I find this show to be the best overall piece of original content. The story and cinematography is above par.

The show takes nine strangers up the Peruvian Andes and features Steve-O, SSSniperWolf, Jukka Hilden, Furious Pete, Chachi Gonzalez & Gus Kenworthy.

It shows emotionally gripping moments of the subjects as they push themselves to physical and mental limit. When climbing large mountains, often people will have to dig deep mentally to be able to overcome extreme variables.

Mind Field by Vsauce

When I saw the first season trailer and content for Mind Field I honestly assumed it was a MythBusters knockoff.

After watching some of season two, I now see the thoughtful use of creative work within the program. I highly suggest other people watch this show.

I often write about automatous technology, and noticed the first show within season two did an excellent job of identifying real world problems that exist within automatous equipment.

The show also works primarily with topics regarding psychology. It may not be the most sensational piece of programming, but I am a strongly against sensationalism in media. It is my theory that sensational media does little benefit to society, and should be limited.

Roman Atwood’s Day Dreams

From a distance this program appears to use visually simulating content to acquire attention. I quickly connect this to Logan Paul’s content. It appeared to lack depth and substance.

When I started researching the show more and more I found my perspective of Roman Atwood turning from negative to positive.

Yes, he does use visual simulation to acquire cheap entertainment, but the YouTube Red show takes his audience and connects them with genuine support for humanity. It combines cheap forms of entertainment and layers it with heartwarming moments on film.

Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television

This show should be cancelled, and honestly, it should have never been produced or promoted following the Logan Paul controversy.

Any use of violence, definitely any use of guns, should never be apart of YouTube. I am extremely shocked that this show is not instantly demonetized. Aside from the actors being played as pawns, I put the total blame and put responsibility on YouTube.

When YouTube demonetized the VRChat video with no violence, and decides to promote this show, it shows a direct form of hypocritical decision making. When I said earlier that YouTube needs this form of constructive criticism, this is exactly what I mean.

I don’t even feel comfortable showing the trailer to this show. The opening disclaimer is no where near enough rating information for this program. YouTube will have to start using a rating system similar to film and television for their programs. I am shocked that they do not already have this system, but once again that is why my review is so important.

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Matthew McGuire is the founder and editor of Crescent Vale News. In 2014, he acquired a master's degree in Professional Media and Media Management from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.