The Current Budget has Been Signed by Donald Trump

The Senate has approved a massive budget deal in the early hours of Friday, February 9 to avoid a long-term government shutdown.

On Thursday, February 8 the Federal Government began a temporary shutdown, but it has ended after the Senate and House of Representatives have voted in favor for the current budget.

This marks the second government shutdown to take place in 2018. After the first shutdown provided a short-term fix to the bill, the recent vote by Congress has helped federal agencies stay open with a working budget.

CNN reported:

‘The House of Representatives voted 240-186. The GOP-controlled chamber needed help from House Democrats to clear the bill, and 73 Democratic members gave it. Sixty-seven House Republicans voted against the plan.’

The United States government continues to avoid tackling difficult issues of cutting the spending on military and healthcare sections of the budget. It appears to me that our military, which is the largest in the world, continues to grow for a reason. We would cut back on military spending if other countries we are in debt to wanted the money back sooner.

It appears to me that they want our military to put our men and women lives at risk, because it avoids putting their military at risk in dangerous areas around the globe.

Our government could cut military spending, and increase resources to help with the student debt, as well as other social programs. My theory is that they continue to drive up the military spending and push poorer people into unsafe conditions to indirectly give them little options besides to go into the military and put their lives at risk. I respect our military and their service, but I do not respect the decisions made by Congress.

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