Google search engine on a tablet. Photo by:
Google search engine on a tablet. Photo by:

Cybersecurity Flaws at Google+ Left Windows Open for Hackers to Infiltrate

Alphabet Inc. failed to properly manage online security for their Google+ project, and now the company is planning on ending consumer operations permanently.
In 2015 the bug was originally spotted. It was fixed in 2018, but Google did not inform their users until the Wall Street Journal posted an article on the topic.
In an era where social networks are comprising user data, it brings up an important discussion of how much information we add to each program, website, and interaction online will provide opportunities for hackers to misuse data. It also questions our trust within each platform.
TechCrunch reported the following:

‘Google+ will cease all its consumer services while winding down over the next 10 months with an opportunity for users to export their data while Google refocuses on making G+ an enterprise product.’
This will most likely result in Google providing businesses a platform to display a slimmed down version of Google+ to provide another level of interaction for consumers.
The platform started off with a lot of buzz. Our media outlet went on to obtain success on Google+, but social networks come and go. In technology, it is vital to adapt and scale when needed. Their decision to scale back this platform was logically.
Find out more on this topic with the Twitter timeline below. After the collection of coverage on Twitter, dive deeper into this story with the CNBC YouTube video on the threshold stages for breaking a story to the public regarding issues with major companies.


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